Quality policy

Quality policy

In our activities, we adhere to the highest standards of service quality, care for the environment and work safety.
The principles we follow allow us to conduct our business in an ethical and law-abiding manner.
We carry out transports only through trusted and specialized partners. It is extremely important for us to carefully select qualified suppliers of transport and storage services and to build a long-term, high-quality partnership with them.
The standard of our services is confirmed by certified processes and documents issued to Trade Trans Combi and Trade Trans Log, respectively.

Trade Trans Combi
• Quality management system - ISO 9001 certificate
• Food safety management system in the organization - ISO 22000 certificate
• System: Road transport and forwarding of animal feed - GMP + B4 certificate
• System: Quality and safety in trade in chemical products - SQAS Certificate

Trade Trans Log
AEO certificate - the right to use customs simplifications by the entrepreneur

Our activities ensure broadly understood safety to:
• all supplies, including food and chemical substances,
• cooperation,
• employees' health,
• minimizing negative impact on the environment.
The company's capital is people. We form a stable team of specialists who, thanks to experience and competence development, provide services at the highest level.